Melodías Lechugas - Live in Buenos Aires

On January 18th 2019 Melodías Lechugas played live in Buenos Aires. You can listen to the live performance here. It's a preview of what is going to be the studio recording.

This conceptual album starts from the moment in which the individual leaves home and faces life for himself. The album symbolizes the internal and external journey that any being makes in its desire to discover its own destiny.



The Melodías Lechugas in Buenos Aires

Melodias Lechugas - Grupo en Buenos Aires


Joel Forteza - bio_image
Joel David Forteza in Saint Petersburg


Joel David Forteza, A.K.A“Piro”, Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, songwriter, embodiment of the Anti-Latin movement in Europe and EurAsia. Composer of the conceptual album Melodías Lechugas and leader of the argentinean group by the same name.

Passionate about challenges since childhood, at age 22 decided to change radically his lifestyle and travel around the world with his guitar and good will.

Wandering through uncertain and unknown roads he takes music for his lifestyle and livelihood performing on the streets, squares, stations and restaurants in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Travelling over 25 countries in 5 years he composed his first original material entitled “Melodías Lechugas” (Lettuce Melodies). This conceptual album was recorded, mix and mastered in Munich with productor Frank Schlaipfner (Starseed Records), and represents the internal/external journey of the individual leaving their home and facing life by themselves.

His style is eclectic, mixes different genres like Bossa Nova, Blues, Soul and Funk among others, fussed into Jazz-Rock .

His voice is characterized by its original tone which ranges from low to high pitches with the passion of Tango and the smoothness of Bossa, while his lyrics portray metaphorical as well as metaphysical themes, sang in Spanish, English and, sometimes Russian.

​He is currently based in Buenos Aires with his wife Irina and daughter Asol Esmeralda.

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