Melodías Lechugas

This conceptual album starts from the moment in which the individual leaves home and faces life for himself. The album symbolizes the internal and external journey that any being makes in its desire to discover its own destiny.

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Author, Compositor, Vocals and Guitars:  Joel "Piro" Forteza
Production, Sound engineer, Mix, Master, Arrangements, Bass, Guitars, Drums, Synths and Ambient: Frank Schlaipfner
Keyboards: Martin Bischof
Percussion and Drums: Bjoern Kellerstrass
Sax: David Icekson (recorded by Carlos Johnson, Liucura Records)

Cover and Art: Irina Tikhonova

Recorded in July 2018 at Starseed Studio, Munich Germany.

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Joel David Forteza, A.K.A“Piro”, Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,

​Passionate about challenges since childhood, at age 22 decided to change radically his lifestyle and travel around the world with a guitar and a backpack.

​Wandering through uncertain and unknown roads, music has been his lifestyle and livelihood performing on the streets, squares, stations, bar and restaurants across Europe, Asia, Eurasia, the Middle East and South America.

Travelling over 25 countries in 5 years he composed his first original material entitled “Melodías Lechugas” (Lettuce Melodies). This conceptual album was recorded, mix and mastered in Munich with producer Frank Schlaipfner (Starseed Records), and represents the internal/external journey of the individual leaving their home and facing life by themselves.

​His style is eclectic, mixes different genres like Bossa, Blues, Soul and Funk among others, fussed into a Latin-Jazzy-Rock kind.


La Werk!

“The album, sincerely, contains body, entrails, soul and abundant sweat on the musical level”

Thanks to everyone at La Werk! and specially M. M. J. Miguel for your poetic words. Read the article here (in Spanish).

Radio Unlam FM 89.1

“Thank you for the magic, and for the spiritual and mind trip that you give us with your melodies”

Listen to the full interview here (in Spanish)

Joel Forteza B&W

The Melodías Lechugas album was achieved thanks to: The friendship of Frank Schlaipfner and his family who from the first moment trusted in the project and the music and that since we recorded it in July 2018 has not stopped working hard to finish it with the highest possible quality within our resources.

The participation of the great musicians who brought their magic to each track: Martin Bishop, Bjon Kellershtrass and David Icekson.

The strength and infinite love that my daughter Asol Esmeralda gives me each day.

The unconditional support of my sister Deborah Forteza in the most difficult moments and the understanding of my parents.

The friendship and brotherhood of Martyn Andrés Bonaventura.

The motivation Chris Hobcroft gave me at the beginning of this adventure.

The complicity of Francisco Guajardo Saavedra to go out and present the material for the first time.

The so dear and precious friends that the path has given me, who have been supporting and encouraging me to continue creating.




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